Tried our newvegan salads yet?

Keen-Bean Quinoa & Grilled HalloumiFresh and Fast. Full of green goodness, edamame, green beans,
snow peas and broad beans. Seasoned with a maple dressing.
Chinese Wellbeing SaladThis salad cannot move for its nutritious goodness.
Containing seaweed and shiitake mushrooms which have some many vitamins and minerals.

Giant Cous Cous This ginormous salad will keep you full without making you feel ‘stodgy’.
Full of Mediterranean flavour and sunshine.

Avocado Niçoise Our plant-based version of the classic French salad is full of flavour
and texture, perfect for your lunch. Crisp gem lettuce, blanched fine beans,
cherry tomatoes and delicate avocado.

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Good morning!

We’re big on delivering a fresh, tasty and fantastically memorable food and drink experience in Cambridge.

With vegan options aplenty, we’re passionate about what we serve and where it comes from. Using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and embracing ethical trading principles are two of our core values.

We love people and the environment. We want to do the best we can for both – including you.

Did you know? We use 100% compostable and recyclable packaging

Our values

The Whale Café service is built on a handful of core values. They are shared by our catering team and they are at the heart of everything we do in our kitchen or at our counter.

We think our approach is healthier for you, better for the environment and our suppliers, fresher and more exciting. Oh, and your taste buds will love it too.

Keeping waste to a minimum

We care about our ingredients and how they’re used. Both need to be right as they
determine quality and taste. We also like to be imaginative with our vegan-friendly and
traditional menus. We try things that are new and bring different tastes and cultures to our Whale Café service.

Quality, taste and variety

Food waste is managed very closely, and we dispose of 4% of our production.
We aim to reduce this and we are working with the university to do this.

Environmentally-safe packaging

All of our ‘disposable’ products within the café are compostable or biodegradable.
This includes the coffee cups & lids, the salad boxes and sandwich packs.
We have segregated bins to assist with the correct disposal.

Supporting suppliers in and around Cambridgeshire

We are using as many ‘local’ suppliers as possible.
On average suppliers travel 22 miles to get to the café,
however some of them are as close as 2 miles away.

Embracing Fairtrade Thinking

We use Fairtrade products, ethically sourced.

Cafe hire

The Whale Café isn’t just a great place to grab a delicious meal or to quench your thirst with family or friends. You can also hire the the space and our amazing staff for private events, both during the working day or out of hours.

We can create a unique hospitality solution to suit any occasion, whether that’s a private celebration, canapé reception, business meeting or a product launch.

Tell us what you have in mind and we’ll let you know how we can help.

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